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What is an FCE Scan®?

FCE Scan® stands for Formetric Clinical Evaluation, this means the whole body (Form) is scanned and assessed in a clinical setting and is measured (Metric) for its position, weight bearing and movement. The unique feature is that our analysis can be performed whilst the patient is in motion.

FCE Scan® uses a technology that has over 390 studies and publications behind it (this list can be supplied upon request). The studies have been performed by Researchers, esteemed Institutes and Universities including world renowned Orthopaedic surgeon Laurence Lenke M.D of Columbia University Medical Centre, Dr. Patrick Knott, Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and ScienceThe University of Hamburg, University of Freiburg, KU Leuven Belgium (funded by the European Union) etc, etc.

Our system is a registered medical device having reached MDD (European) and FDA (U.S) standards. The technology is used worldwide in Orthopaedic hospitals, Private Clinics and also in Elite Sports facilities.

We scan the spine, pelvis, legs and feet both statically and in motion to find the root cause of an injury. It is radiation and magnetism free.

We hold a directory of therapists we refer clients to, if you would like to be included on this please forward your details to us.

We are only too delighted to discuss our services with all medical professionals – just call Dublin on 01 5641790 , Limerick on 061 545256 or email us .

Our Scan and Plan process was born around our vision for the future of physical healthcare, being, the first point of any pain or injury assessment should be the Scan. This way the client and therapist know exactly what is wrong, why it is wrong and can implement a tailored treatment Plan to correct it. In the majority of cases we can also offer the therapy plan at no additional cost to the patient.

Our Formetric Specialists can include Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Sports Scientists, Occupational Therapists, Bio-mechanics experts and Podiatrists to name but a few. Currently in our centres, scans are performed by either Eoin Flynn D.O. B.Sc. (Osteo), Conor Flynn D.O. B.Sc. (Osteo), Shane Hassett B.Sc. M.Sc. (Sports & Exercise Science), Darragh Butler B.Sc. M.Sc. or Olwen Kennedy B.Sc (Sport and Exercise) M.Sc. Occupational Therapy.

All of our patients are advised on a course of action going forward and are also encouraged to discuss their results with their own medical advisers. When necessary we refer patients/clients to orthopaedic specialists and facilities.

Since we opened we have seen over a thousand clients and some of their testimonials are available here.

Irish Boxer and Olympic Silver medallist Kenneth Egan had an FCE Scan. Other notable athletes that have undetaken our analysis are Oisin McConville, Martin Lawlor and Amy O’Donoghue, read about their experiences here.

The full FCE Scan assessment includes all the spinal, gait and foot analyses. It also includes full spinal/pelvic scans in motion which takes just a little over a minute to complete – the resultant consultation takes just an hour or so.

We take referrals from clients/patients directly. We also take referrals from medical doctors, physiotherapists, all medical professionals – bookings can also be made on line here.

We are not in competition with any other Therapists or Scan system. We are providing a new service that was not readily available in Ireland until now.

We are only too delighted to discuss our services with all medical professionals – just call Dublin on 01 5641790 or Limerick on 061 545256 or email us today.

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