Foot Orthotics

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Foot Orthotics

FCE Scan has partnered with some of the best orthotic and arch support manufacturers in Ireland and the U.K. Unrivalled by any competitor is our ability to assess objectively the influence of orthotics not just on the feet but more importantly on the spine and pelvis. We offer an all-inclusive package to include;

  • A Full FCE Scan.
  • Gait and Foot analysis.
  • Tailored Orthotic assessment and templating in conjunction with our FCE system.
  • Quality guaranteed Orthotics.
  • Reduced rates on second and multiple pairs.

What are Foot Orthotics

Foot Orthotics are devised to correct malfunction in the feet. However, a large number of orthotics are having a negative effect on the spine. FCE Scan is the only company in Ireland that can currently assess the impact of orthotics on the spine and pelvis by using our scans. Therefore we can stand over the products we supply and our clients can rest assured that they are receiving a quality product.Custom-made corrective orthotics are used in the treatment and prevention of numerous foot problems and associated ailments that can affect the foot, ankle, knee, hip and back.

We offer a wide range of orthotic styles custom-made for each individual depending on preferred foot-wear, activities and various other specifications. With our Full FCE Scan we can incorporate the most advanced gait analysis (walking analysis) technology to measure the feet and legs. Uniquely we also measure how any foot orthotic will affect the pelvis and spine.

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