RPM Plan (rehabilitation & progressive movement)

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RPM (rehabilitation & progressive movement) Plan was developed for the many clients we have seen where therapy has not helped them.

The scans we provide create an objective and accurate base on which to build your RPM phases.

The RPM plan allows us to monitor, change, progress and ultimately cater for long lasting rehabilitation and life changing patterns of movement.

It contains the following services;

  • The Full FCE Scan or Sports Scan act as our objective and accurate examination.
  • RPM contains Four phases allowing you to reach your goals (The phases are detailed below).
  • Evidence based assessment and rehab protocols.
  • Rehabilitation variability and progressions.
  • Movement analysis and progression.
  • Avoidance of Physiotherapy or other therapies.
  • A Client driven approach.

We use the most contemporary and evidence based approach to pain and injury.

The secret to being pain free is mobility and movement.

RPM Plan

The RPM plan is for all clients of any age or population that have undertaken a Full FCE scan or A Sports Performance scan.
As our plans are client driven there is no one size fits all approach.
Each plan is uniquely tailored to the client. This client driven approach is supported by the strongest available evidence based objective assessments afforded by our scans.
Our 4 phase plan is a flexible and client driven progression pathway.
It offers the most innovative and comprehensive approach to the identification, alleviation, treatment and enhancement of your ability to function and perform at a higher level.
Whether the goal is pain free daily movement, couch to 5k weekend or Athletes looking to take a step forward in their performance, the client is always central to our approach.
Objective Assessment.
Identification of client driven Goals.
Identification of Barriers and Opportunities to the achievement of client goals.
Outline of the Program Aims.
Desensitisation of highly symptomatic movements.
Clearance of performance or movement blocks.
Restoration of Healthy joint Range of Motion.

Strengthening and Consolidation of new/Relearned movement options

Activity based programming specific to predetermined goals.

The central theme to this plan is a client driven goal orientated progression. We also have the facility to rescan upon program completion to objectively assess improvements.

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“Joints adore movement and regular compression, which are essential for their health. Movement distributes the slippery synovial fluid, and cartilage loves the pumping compression. The brain eagerly welcomes the sensory inputs from the joints as it wants to know what is happening so it can construct the best responses for you” – Dr. Lorimer Moseley

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