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Corporate Health

FCE Scan offers bespoke packages for corporate clients. We can provide an unrivalled service to your organisation.

Wellness programmes have become a major element in the retention and attraction of employees. A happy, healthy workforce is a productive workforce. FCE Scan is breaking the wellness mould in terms of what we can offer your organisation. Our analysis is stand alone, unique, accurate and beneficial to both the Employer and Employee.

Our service can provide the following;

  • Safely scan the body without any radiation or magnetism for accurate and objective results.
  • Our static scan (3D) provides information on Posture, Weight – Bearing, Sway patterns and objective detailed analysis of Spinal and Pelvic positions.
  • Our motion scans (4D) provide in depth detailing on how the Spine, Pelvis, Legs and Feet move. They highlight areas of dysfunction and where strains are occurring to create or predispose injury.
  • Results are explained in full and in a manner staff will understand.
  • We offer exercise and stretching programmes to counter injury or injury predisposition (tailored to each individual).
  • Ergonomic training has recently been shown to have no effect on neck pain, whereas our care plans are proven to improve it.
  • Comparative scans can be performed to track changes.
  • Vastly reduce the incidence of absenteeism due to back pain.
  • VHI Healthcare approved providers.
  • Our services can be offered on site on an ongoing basis. (Large organisations only)

Corporate Posture Analysis

In the modern office environment people are much more aware of the effects of their posture. Ergonomics assessments are the norm (a recent study showed ergonomic training to have no effect on neck pain). FCE Scan however offers a completely new method. We examine employees posture with the aim of helping them both at work and at home. This type of approach creates a more rounded and long term improvement. With the advent of standing desks our analysis has been thrust to the forefront of how employee posture analysis should be performed.
FCE Scan can provide on and off site analysis.

On Site Benefits

Office environment analysis in tandem with our Scan and Plan approach help improve employee morale and allow a greater understanding of posture, body bio-mechanics and its overall effect on well-being. Posture has a large bearing on injury and back pain occurrence. Poor posture also has a negative effect on the function of the respiratory, cardiovascular and digestive systems.

To improve poor posture is to improve overall health and well-being. Employers reap the rewards of a happy, healthy and productive work force.  A recent report noted that one half of all working Americans admitted to having back pain symptoms each year. Our work should reduce absenteeism due to back pain.

On site analysis can include our Posture analysis or an installation of our complete system which includes motion analysis of the whole body along with all our scan types. Frequently, it is the motion element that leads to injury or pain. The complete system is only available to large organisations on a longer term basis.

For further information on our bespoke corporate packages please email us on [email protected]

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