Posture Analysis

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Posture Analysis

At FCE Scan we understand the importance of your posture. Our Posture Analysis service is as follows;

  • We safely scan the Spine, Pelvis, Legs and Feet in a standing position without any radiation or magnetism.
  • FCE Scans create a three-dimensional (3D) image of your posture along with positional details of each vertebra and the pelvis.
  • Our scans also assess balance, sway patterns and weight bearing through the feet.
  • Once you know your posture type and its anomalies then you can correct them.
  • The results of our scans are explained in full and in a manner you will understand.
  • We offer exercise and stretching plans to counter poor postural effects.
  • Comparative scans can be performed to track changes at any stage.

Corporate Posture Analysis

In the modern office environment people are much more aware of the effects of their posture. Ergonomics assessments are the norm. FCE Scan however offers a completely new method. We examine employees posture with the aim of helping them both at work and at home. This type of approach creates a more rounded and long term improvement. With the advent of standing desks our analysis has been thrust to the forefront of how employee posture analysis should be performed.
FCE Scan can run office environment workshops around posture. During these workshops you can receive a more targeted approach to improving your posture from one of our highly trained team.

Workshop Benefits

Office environment workshops help improve employee morale and allow a greater understanding of posture and its effect on overall well-being. They can help reduce absenteeism due to back pain as a result of poor posture. We limit the number in each group to allow greater 1:1 time. The workshops themselves last up to an hour for each group and can take place in the workplace (space dependent).

Posture has a large bearing on injury and back pain occurrence. Poor posture also has a negative effect on the function of the respiratory, cardiovascular and digestive systems. To improve poor posture is to improve overall health and well-being. For further information on our workshops please email us on

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