FCE Scan® is an Irish company using state of the art and cutting edge injury detection technology. FCE Scan, scans, examines and assesses the body in a clinical setting for its position, weightbearing and movement. We then provide care and therapy plans, built on the results of our analysis to improve back pain and injuries. FCE Scan uses a technology that has over 390 studies and publications behind it. Our system is a registered medical device having reached MDD (European) and FDA (U.S) standards. The technology is used worldwide in Orthopedic hospitals, Private Clinics and also in Elite Sports facilities.

The Full FCE Scan is our most popular service as it includes all our spinal, pelvis, leg and foot analysis in one complete package.
If you have back, neck, hip, shoulder, pelvis leg or feet issues this is the appointment type you require.

Sports injury/performance includes all the benefits of a Full FCE Scan but may be performed at higher speeds or with more detailed gait analysis. It is ultimately tailored towards an individuals sport.

Posture & Scoliosis scanning is for those conscious about their posture or who may want to improve their posture from work related stresses. It is also for those wishing to assess for Scoliosis.

Gait and Foot analysis is for those runners and athletes looking to improve their running gait.

Foot orthotics is for those requiring custom made orthotics. If following our scans we find you do not in fact require them then the appointment reverts back to a Full FCE Scan.

RPM is for those wishing to progress their rehab, in chronic issues it is important to progress your rehab to get long lasting, long term relief.

Athletic testing, only available in our Limerick clinic, is for increasing strength, speed and power. Using scientifically analysed data from our systems to build a bespoke S&C programme.

Our Scan and Plan initiative was born around our vision of physical healthcare. The first point of any pain or injury assessment should be the Scan, this way the client and therapist know exactly what is wrong, why it is wrong and so can implement an accurate tailored rehab Plan to correct it. In the majority of cases the rehab plan we provide on the day is sufficient to improve symptoms long term. However, some patients would be advised on adding our RPM (rehabilitation and progressive movement) approach. The specialist you meet on the day will advise you on the best course of action, once the scans have been performed.

RPM (rehabilitation and progressive movement) is one of the most forward thinking approaches available in physical healthcare.

All appointments include rehab, RPM however is designed to accelerate your improvements in a flexible and patient driven progression pathway.
It offers the most innovative and comprehensive approach to the identification, alleviation, treatment and enhancement of your ability to function pain free and perform at a higher level. Rid yourself of those niggles, aches and pains once and for all with RPM.

We have access to a worldwide diagnostics team. This team includes Orthopaedists, Osteopathic Physicians, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Sports Scientists, Occupational therapists, Bio-mechanists and Podiatrists to name but a few. Any of these professionals may be performing the scans on a given day and they are all highly trained in the function of our system.
Our current team is as follows;

Mr. Eoin Flynn. D.O. B.Sc. (Hons) Osteo.
Mr. Conor Flynn. D.O. B.Sc. (Hons) Osteo.
Mr. Shane Hassett. B.Sc. M.Sc. Sports Science.
Mr. Darragh Butler. B.Sc. M.Sc.
Ms. Michelle Jackson. B.Sc. Sport and M.Sc Sport Psychology.
Mr. Mikey Holoway. B.Sc. M.Sc. Ex Physiology
Mr. Darragh Byrne. B.Sc. M.Sc. Ex Physiology
Mr. Daniel Cunnane. B.Sc. M.Sc. Ex Physiology

Certainly. The level of detail we provide on any injury is unmatched. We provide objective results for a professional, thus removing any inaccurate subjective assessment. This allows for greater evidence based assessment and treatment. Therapists want to get clients better, with our scans they can precisely tailor a treatment plan. Therefore, treatment and recovery after one of our scans should be extremely successful and much quicker. We also provide our own rehab plan to clients.

On arriving in our clinical assessment centre the client fills out a short questionnaire. To perform the scans a patient will have to reveal their spine. We supply gowns for female patients and you are more than welcome to have a chaperone present with you for the appointment. The gowns retain so that the client feels comfortable and relaxed. We also advise bringing a pair of shorts with you for accurate analysis of the pelvis, hips, legs and feet.

The scan itself is performed in a darkened room. The Formetric Specilaist will be two metres directly behind the client at the testing station. The client will see a light grid appear from behind them and also an infra red light. The static scan will take about 15 seconds. The motion scan differs only by the fact that the patient will be walking on a specialised treadmill for 30 seconds. Appointments (type dependent) take up to 1 hour 15 minutes. Each appointment includes all relevant scans, interpretation, explanation, printed report and rehab.

Scan results are available immediately. The client will receive a printed report, they will fully understand what there injury is and what is causing it. Furthermore, as part of the Scan and Plan initiative, the client will also have a specific and tailored rehab to very quickly get them on the road to recovery.

FCE Scan is a motion analysis scan. It is radiation and magnetism free. We scan the spine, pelvis, legs and feet both statically and in motion to find the root cause of an injury. Our scans use Photogrammetry and Triangulation to assess patterns of movement and strain occurring in the spine, pelvis, legs and feet. MRI scans on the other hand look internally, generally across one specific area of the body at a time by using magnetism. They are generally performed lying down and statically. Both scans are completely different giving a lot of information. MRI may detail disc bulges or disc degenerative disease whereas our scans would seek the strain on the spine that may be predisposing the MRI findings in the first instance.

FCE Scan has opened up the business to Franchise opportunities owing to the exponential growth of our approach to physical health. If operating a franchise in your region is of interest click on the following link Franchise & System Sales. FCE Scan is also the sole Irish supplier and distributor of the technology we use, if you are interested in learning more email [email protected]
Please read our Covid-19 checklist;
1. If you have symptoms of Cough, Fever or Breathing difficulty please reschedule your appointment and do not attend the centre.
2. If you have had close contact with a suspected case and/or recently travelled abroad without self isolating for two weeks please reschedule and do not attend the centre.
3. On arrival at the centre your temperature may be checked by a member of staff.
4. You shall be required to wear a mask and gloves or sanitise your hands during the appointment. Masks once fitted should not be moved by your hands.
5. Social distancing is being implemented as much as practically possible during your appointment, please respect this and take note of where the social distancing spaces are.
6. Only one adult is allowed in to the scanning room (unless you request a chaperone be present).
7. We encourage card payments.

Our Covid-19 operating procedures are in place for the health of you our clients and that of our staff. The wearing of masks along with the procedures as outlined above are compulsory. If you are not willing to wear these or follow the direction of our staff we will not continue with the appointment. Should you have an allergy to Latex please let us know in advance of your appointment.

FCE Scan® examines, scans and assesses the body for its position, weight bearing and movement. The unique feature is that our analysis can be performed whilst the patient is in motion.

FCE Scan® uses a technology that has over 390 studies and publications behind it (this list can be supplied upon request). The studies have been performed by Researchers, esteemed Institutes and Universities including world renowned Orthopaedic surgeon Laurence Lenke M.D of Columbia University Medical Centre, Dr. Patrick Knott, Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science, The University of Hamburg, University of Freiburg, KU Leuven Belgium (funded by the European Union) etc, etc.

Our system is a registered medical device having reached MDD (European) and FDA (U.S) standards. The technology is used worldwide in Orthopaedic hospitals, Private Clinics and also in Elite Sports facilities.

We scan the spine, pelvis, legs and feet both statically and in motion to find the root cause of an injury. It is radiation and magnetism free.

We hold a directory of therapists we refer clients to, if you would like to be included on this please forward your details to us.

We are only too delighted to discuss our services with all medical professionals – just call Dublin on 01 5641790 , Limerick on 061 545256 or email [email protected] .

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