Full FCE Scan including expert rehab is our most popular service as it includes all our spinal, pelvis, leg, gait and foot analysis (both standing and moving) in one complete package.
If you have back, neck, hip, shoulder, pelvis, leg or foot issues this is the appointment type you require.

Sports injury/performance includes all the benefits of a Full FCE Scan but may be performed at higher speeds or with more detailed gait analysis. It is ultimately tailored towards an individuals sport.

Posture & Scoliosis scanning is for those conscious about their posture or who may want to improve their posture from work related stresses. It is also for those wishing to assess for Scoliosis.

Gait and Foot analysis is for those runners and athletes looking to improve their running gait.

Foot orthotics is for those requiring custom made orthotics. If following our scans we find you do not in fact require them then the appointment reverts back to a Full FCE Scan.

RPM is for those wishing to progress their rehab, in chronic issues it is important to progress your rehab to get long lasting, long term relief.

Athletic testing, only available in our Limerick clinic, is for increasing strength, speed and power. Using scientifically analysed data from our systems to build a bespoke S&C programme.

*all our scan packages include rehab as standard.

1) Full FCE Scan

1491hr 15mins

2) Sports Injury/Performance

1491hr 15mins

3) Posture & Scoliosis

8545 mins

4) Gait and Foot Analysis

8530 mins

5) Foot Orthotics

3551hr 15 mins

6) Full FCE Scan Follow up

7540 mins

7) Athletic testing


RPM (Rehabilitation & Progressive Movement )


* The Full FCE Scan includes all the spinal posture and movement scans along with gait and foot analyses. This option offers the most cost effective and accurate form of assessment.

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