FCE Scan® Dublin

  • 47 Harrington Street, St. Kevins, Dublin, D08 VP7F

The Dublin FCE Scan Centre is a premier facility dedicated to delivering advanced diagnostic and therapeutic services. Our focus lies in identifying and treating a range of musculoskeletal issues, employing state-of-the-art technology and a patient-centred approach. Whether you are dealing with chronic back pain, seeking improvement in your athletic performance, or in need of specialised orthotics, our team of experts is here to support your journey towards optimal health and function.

  • FCE Scan Dublin
    47 Harrington Street, St. Kevins, Dublin, D08 VP7F

  • 01 564 1790

  • Mon – Fri 9 a.m. – 8 p.m.
    Sat 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

  • Free Parking available

Available to book directly, without referral, with or without health insurance.

Our Dublin Location

Services Available at FCE Scan Dublin

Back Pain &
Pelvis Pain

Comprehensive evaluation and treatment plans to address acute and chronic conditions affecting the back and pelvic regions.

Posture &

Assessment and management strategies for posture correction and scoliosis, focusing on spinal health and alignment.

Gait & Foot Analysis

Detailed analysis of walking patterns and foot mechanics to identify abnormalities and inform treatment or preventive strategies.

Sports Injury & Performance

Specialised care for athletes, including injury prevention, recovery, and performance enhancement programmes.

Foot Orthotics

Custom-designed orthotics to support and improve foot function, alleviating pain and correcting misalignments.

Rehab (RPM)

Tailored rehabilitation programmes aimed at maximising recovery and mobility through personalised movement and strength protocols.

Athletic Testing

Comprehensive testing services to evaluate athletic abilities, identify areas for improvement, and track progress over time.

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FCE Scan® Dublin

At the Dublin FCE Scan Centre, we commit to providing each patient with the highest standard of care, tailored to their unique needs and goals. Our collaborative approach ensures that you receive comprehensive support throughout your health journey.

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FCE Scan Dublin
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Leonardo GuebaraLeonardo Guebara
14:36 13 Jan 24
Brilliant test, did the full body scan after some very stiff lower back due to my scoliosis, and after a few sessions I got improving and now following up with the exercises a few times a week I would say I'm 90% improved.
Eliza BassoEliza Basso
19:10 19 Dec 23
Amazing experience!Since I walked in the reception was very friendly. I’ve done the Full FCE Scan and I found that quickly and easy. I’ve received a good explanation about how and why I was feeling the pain. Also they provided me a few exercises to help improve the pain. I would very recommend the place!
cathy ogradycathy ogrady
19:55 22 Nov 23
Great service. I wish I had done it sooner. Issue in lower back, hips and hamstrings particularly on left hand side. I was convinced it was postural and movement related. This was confirmed by the FCE scan and process. Following the rehab and sitting here right now with no sensations in left leg for first time in 9 months. Delighted. Not ‘cured’ but definitely feel I am on the right path. Thanks Mikey!
Aun SyedAun Syed
20:19 12 Oct 23
I have been working with FCE Scan for the past 46 weeks. The results I have had have been life changing. I initially hurt my lower back in February 2021 while playing cricket. I was 15 at the time.I have worked with many many physios who all had different things to say, I had tried a chiropractor which made no difference either, I also tried acupuncture and cupping therapy but again, nothing really changed in my symptoms, had an MRI and Xray which both came clear. I've also tried some prolonged rest but nothing. It was unknown what was flaring up my back and not allowing me to do anything of high impact or intensity. Even if I ran for like 100 meters, my back would have immense pain. It was devastating like. It hurt a lot having to give up on my aspirations of becoming a cricket player, giving up on running, going to the gym, playing basketball and football with friends. Naturally, it did start taking a mental toll on me. Affected me in school and my day to day life. Felt like I could never enjoy the things I once loved.I discovered FCE Scan last year. I never heard of the place so I looked into it and it appealed to me so I booked in for an appointment. My practitioner was Mikey. We did 2 different scans. He placed 3 different stickers on my back. I then stood on a treadmill infront of some cameras which of course scanned my back. Then he got me walking for a few seconds on the treadmill (some cases you may run). After a few minutes, you'd get the results of both the static scan and the motion scan. I learnt a few things about my back which might had been the causes for my constant flare ups in my lower back. We then got to work with fixing the movement of my pelvis, strengthening the lower abs and fixing the curvature of my lumbar spine. FCE Scan have this thing called RPM which is what most patients partake in including myself. It's basically an exercise plan you do remotely over WhatsApp over a few weeks. Once your RPM programme is over, you may go for a rescan or start another RPM programme and then go for a rescan, whatever is recommended anyway.I have personally found FCE Scan to be a significantly cheaper option than being in and out of physios constantly every other week. The scan and the RPM programme is at a much more affordable price I believe.I'm 18 now and after working with FCE Scan for the past 46 weeks, I can say I'm in a much better spot now both physically and mentally. I mightn't be 100% but I can confidently say I'm 85% and still have some tiny work left to do. I can run pain free now after almost 3 years of not being able to do so, play football and basketball painfree, able to do a lot more exercises at the gym and in a better spot mentally. Mikey, I couldn't thank you enough for helping me through this battle. It sure as hell has been tough but I've come out victorious and back doing the things I love. It's been a pleasure working with you and thank you so much FCE Scan for what you've given me.
Estefany AlquintaEstefany Alquinta
18:43 07 Jul 23
I love it! Mikey has been amazing since the first day. He explains everything in detail, and the routine is adapted to me and everything I can or not do.He encouraged me to give my 100% but not in a way to feel pressured. Also, if I had any soreness or issue at home, he always answered my messages and advised me.My knee is much better. I even started running again.... I am very very happy!I recommend it no doubt