Our Route to Rehab/Therapy

  • We seek to empower our patients to improve long term with our rehab/therapy services.

This is achieved by improving the right way, not by doing the same things tried before “again”.

The rehab/therapy we provide is contemporary. We aim to build a better, stronger more functional you without the need of “top up” or “maintenance” appointments.

There are three options to our rehab/therapy approach.

  • In your initial appointment we create a programme to cover the major findings from the scans.
  • Personal in clinic rehab/therapy – these appointment types provide you with a personalised session using our contemporary equipment and multi disciplinary expertise to delve into all aspects of the scan results (more details below).
  • Rehabilitation and Progressive Movement (RPM), this is an online option to progress your rehab remotely (more details below).

Available to book directly, without referral, with or without health insurance.

In Clinic Rehab/Therapy

  • In response to the changing needs of our patients we introduced in clinic therapy appointments.

This consists of a personalised session, in house, using our contemporary equipment and multi disciplinary expertise.

The scans as always form the basis of what the rehab/therapy programme entails. These appointments will progressively improve your rehabilitation, strength and mobility capabilities. On completion you are provided with the full session programmes including repetitions, sets, targets and RPE (rate of perceived exertion) so that your rehab can be performed at any time in the future – empowering you.


RPM allows us to monitor, change, progress and ultimately cater for long lasting rehabilitation and life changing patterns of movement. This is an online programme designed for those who are unable to attend any in clinic appointments. It contains the following:

  • Evidence based assessment and rehab protocols.
  • Rehabilitation variability and progressions.
  • Avoidance of unnecessary referral to Physiotherapy or other therapies.

A woman seated at a desk is working on a computer showing graphical content related to an FCE Scan, while a man is seated opposite her with his back facing the camera, appearing to be engaged in | FCE Scan

Client Reviews

Great service. I wish I had done it sooner. Issue in lower back, hips and hamstrings particularly on left hand side. I was convinced it was postural and movement related. This was confirmed by the FCE scan and process. Following the rehab and sitting here right now with no sensations in left leg for first time in 9 months. Delighted. Not ‘cured’ but definitely feel I am on the right path.

Cathy O’Grady

I couldn’t recommend this service more. I could see exactly why I was having back problems after my scan – it took the guesswork completely out of it. The Physio service provided targeted exercises specifically for my issue. They have really improved things for me and I’m only a few weeks into my program.

Angela Horsfall

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