Back & Pelvis Scans

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Back & Pelvis Pain

FCE Scan is a motion analysis scan. It is radiation and magnetism free. We scan the spine, pelvis, legs and feet both statically and in motion to help find the root cause of an injury. We then create tailored care plans to improve this injury/pain long term. The Back and Pelvis are covered in our Full Body FCE Scan, Spine & Pelvis Motion scan and Sports Scans. Our service is as follows;

  • We scan from the lower neck, down through the spine and into the pelvis.
  • We provide both 3D and 4D (movement) scans of the spine & pelvis.
  • Our static scan provides information on posture, weight bearing, sway patterns and objective detailed analysis of spinal and pelvic positions.
  • Our motion scans provide in depth detail on how the spine, pelvis, legs and feet are moving. They highlight areas of dysfunction
    and where strain patterns are occurring to create or predispose injury.
  • We are the only company in Ireland with the ability to perform such detailed analysis.
  • A detailed printed report is provided on the day to each client and explained in a manner you will understand. Leaving our centre, you will
    know what is happening, why and how to correct it.
  • We offer care plans with all our appointments as standard. This is all included in just one appointment.

“The best scan I have ever had, can’t recommend this enough.” – Barbara.

“My scan has changed my life….feeling so much better with the right diagnosis.”– Sarah.

Posture Analysis

FCE Scan provides an in depth postural analysis. In addition, the back scan involves a 3D image scan of the spine while also measuring the force of weight-bearing on the feet. Posture has a large bearing on injury occurrence or predisposition to injury. Poor posture has an effect on general health and has an influence on the function of our respiratory, cardiovascular and digestive systems. In the case of arthritic posture or in osteoporotic patients it is especially relevant to have a reference point for your posture. FCE Scan uses its back scan and pelvic scans to gauge improvement to treatment. By knowing your posture type you discover areas of your posture that need improvement.

Injury Assessment

FCE Scan’s system has the ability to examine a clients Back, Pelvis, Legs, and Feet both statically and in motion. The motion factor is the unique element. Most injuries occur whilst in motion. However, almost all forms of therapy assess injuries from a static point of view. Consequently this can lead to misdiagnosis, an unreliable treatment plan and a high likelihood of injury recurrence.

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