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Are you suffering from chronic pain, persistent injuries, or looking to improve your athletic performance? FCE Scan Cork offers advanced motion analysis technology to pinpoint the root cause of your discomfort or limitations. Our cutting-edge scans and expert rehabilitation programmes will help you move better, feel stronger, and achieve your physical goals.

Available to book directly, without referral, with or without health insurance.

FCE Scan Cork

Services Offered at FCE Scan Cork

Back Pain &
Pelvis Pain

Uncover the underlying cause of your aches and receive a tailored treatment plan for long-lasting relief.

Posture &

Non-invasive assessments and posture correction strategies to improve spinal health and alignment.

Gait & Foot Analysis

In-depth analysis of your walking or running patterns to identify imbalances and prevent injuries.

Sports Injury & Performance

Injury prevention, targeted rehabilitation, and performance optimisation for athletes of all levels.

Foot Orthotics

Custom-made orthotics for unparalleled support, pain reduction, and improved foot function.

Rehab (RPM)

Our innovative RPM (Rehab, Posture, Movement) program delivers targeted therapy for optimal recovery.

Athletic Testing

Assess your strengths, weaknesses, and performance potential with precision.

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FCE Scan® Cork

Our advanced technology and expertise will guide your journey to recovery. Book your appointment at FCE Scan Cork

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FCE Scan Cork
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John M HarringtonJohn M Harrington
13:26 24 Nov 23
I have been trying to resolve a longer term sciatic pain issue to no avail. I have been going to a chiropractor who has been very helpful, I have been to a physio who has been very helpful. I have been attending an orthopaedic surgeon who has kept me standing and been very helpful. I have been attending a masseuse who has done great work and helped easy the pain. I have had prolotherapy done and it also helped. Finally I visited FCE scans and I am working with his diagnosis and after 3 years of continuous pain and the fear of losing my mobility I am improving fast. I am stunned by hat I have encountered at FCE Scans, it is high tech, low fuss solution. I will pursue until I am back running like I used to, which was 4 times a week for 45min to 1 hour per day. I had come to the point where I could not walk for more than 20min without it making sleep after impossible. I am very optimist now that an end is in sightRegards John Harrington
Norma ManleyNorma Manley
10:44 15 Nov 23
I first visited FCE Scan in Cork in August 2023 as I had sciatica on my left side. I met Darragh who explained the process to me and performed the scans. Darragh went through the scans with me afterwards and showed me the areas I needed to work on. He gave me specific exercises to do. He sent me videos of each exercise on WhatsApp which was hugely beneficial. I did the exercises as prescribed by Darragh. My sciatica has completely resolved. I went for a re scan last Friday 10.11.23 and Darragh has discharged me from the service as there was a positive improvement in my scans and also I am pain free from sciatica. I had physio prior to attending FCE Scan and the physio along with the recommendations from Darragh now mean that I have made a full recovery. Darragh is very professional and excellent at his job and I would recommend highly the service.
dan fordedan forde
10:49 21 Sep 23
Got very good advise here from Darragh. He recommended exercises for my foot and now no more pain. The best advise ever and so easy too. Margaret
Cosmina GrozaCosmina Groza
20:28 11 Dec 20
Highly recommended. Very fast appointment made. After years of back pain finally find out where the problem is. Very happy with it .