Posture & Scoliosis

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Posture & Scoliosis Scans

At FCE Scan we can safely and accurately check Posture and screen for Scoliosis. Our service involves;

  • Assessing the spine.
  • Performing our Posture and Scoliosis scans that are radiation and magnetism free.
  • Our scans not only assess the spine for lateral curvature, lordosis, kyphosis but also unlike x-ray for spinal rotation as well.
  • We can perform follow up examinations to assess for any deterioration in curvature.
  • We also offer exercise programs to help reduce scoliosis, improve posture and or its effects where possible.
  • No referral is necessary.

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“So delighted with this excellent service. A very child friendly experience for our 5 and 8 year old girls. It’s fantastic to have this facility to work in association with our paediatric consultation. Looking forward to coming back again. Thank you.” Mairead

Posture Analysis

FCE Scan provides an in depth postural analysis. In addition, the back scan involves a 3D image scan of the spine while also measuring the force of weight-bearing on the feet. Posture has a large bearing on injury occurrence or predisposition to injury. Poor posture has an effect on general health and has an influence on the function of our respiratory, cardiovascular and digestive systems. In the case of arthritic posture or in osteoporotic patients it is especially relevant to have a reference point for your posture. FCE Scan uses its back scan and pelvic scans to gauge improvement to treatment. By knowing your posture type you discover areas of your posture that need improvement.

What is Scoliosis?

A scoliotic spine generally takes the shape of a C or an S shaped spine curvature. There is also a rotational element to scoliosis, so someone may notice that one shoulder appears to be more forward and lower than the other. The rotational element becomes more obvious on forward bending. FCE Scans system is uniquely able to safely screen for scoliosis and to monitor any changes until such a time as bone growth has ceased. In contrast to x-ray the system is also able to screen for the rotational element occurring in the spine. The initial development of the system was to reduce the amount of radiation that patients were being subjected to via x-ray and to create a safe alternative to x-ray.

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