FCE Scan® Waterford

  • 6 Greyfriars, Parade Quay, Waterford

The Waterford FCE Scan Centre is dedicated to advanced diagnostics and comprehensive care for a variety of musculoskeletal issues. Our scan centre specialises in leveraging cutting-edge technology to accurately diagnose and effectively treat conditions related to the musculoskeletal system. With a focus on evidence-based practice, our team of experts is committed to delivering exceptional care tailored to the individual needs of our patients.

Available to book directly, without referral, with or without health insurance.

FCE Scan Waterford

Services Offered at FCE Scan Waterford

Back Pain &
Pelvis Pain

Specialised diagnostics and treatment plans for alleviating back and pelvis pain, ensuring precise targeting of the underlying causes for effective relief and rehabilitation.

Posture &

Assessment and corrective strategies for posture improvement and scoliosis management, employing non-invasive techniques to address spinal curvature and enhance overall spinal health.

Gait & Foot Analysis

Advanced analysis of walking patterns and foot movement to identify irregularities, providing the foundation for targeted interventions to improve gait and reduce discomfort.

Sports Injury & Performance

Specialised services aimed at treating sports-related injuries and enhancing athletic performance through personalised treatment plans and performance optimisation strategies.

Foot Orthotics

Custom-designed orthotics based on detailed foot analysis to correct imbalances, alleviate pain, and support proper foot function.

Rehab (RPM)

A comprehensive Rehabilitation, Performance, and Mobility (RPM) programme tailored to enhance recovery and facilitate optimal physical performance post-injury.

Athletic Testing

Comprehensive athletic testing to evaluate physical capabilities, identify areas for improvement, and tailor training programmes to maximise athletic performance.

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FCE Scan® Waterford

Our commitment to excellence in patient care and rehabilitation is evident in our approach to each service offered. At the Waterford FCE Scan Centre, we are dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health and performance through specialised care and advanced treatment methodologies.

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FCE Scan Waterford
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darragh Farrelldarragh Farrell
19:10 07 Sep 23
I Couldn’t recommend Darragh in FCE scan Waterford highly enough. I decided to seek help from FCE clinic after endless physio sessions which only gave me short term relief and improvements for my sciatica and back issues. After not seeing any progress I turned to FCE scan and Darragh helped my injury more in 1 session than I had in 7-8 physio sessions. The modern outlook on fixing injuries and the way movements were explained aswell as how the rehab plan was structured was second to none. For anyone looking for help with sciatica and back problems or injuries they have in general I’d definitely give FCE scan a chance and preferance over standard physio based on my experience. After finishing my rehab I now feel better than I was pre injury and confident to take on new challenges physically and mentally thanks to darraghs help. Overall a great service and as said previously couldn’t recommend highly enough.
Therese ByrneTherese Byrne
22:38 01 Mar 22
Went for a Scan today was told exactly what was wrong with me no waiting around for a result got it straight away thanks to Mickey lovely guy anyone out there with back problem don't wait around head to FCE Scan thanks again Mickey