“The benefits of FCE’s ‘Scan & Plan‘ programme are very impressive . Whether you are an elite athlete, a weekend warrior or a patient of any age with some niggles or pains that just won’t go away – this is an option that you should consider. This is a very affordable non-invasive diagnostic imaging examination, carried out by very professional sports scientists that know their stuff and who spend as much time as you need to explain what needs to get done. The consultation requires minimal time on the treadmill; a number of 15 seconds intervals include standing, walking and a slight run are required to obtain findings. The majority of time will be taken up by the findings from your 1 hour consultation, you will get all the professional advice needed to put your care plan into action. In a competitive high performance environment, gaining that extra inch can make such a difference. This is a very valuable addition in injury prevention, something all athletes aspire to be, injury free.”

Kenneth Egan, Olympic Silver Medalist Beijing

“The FCE Scan proved to be extremely beneficial in allowing me to get the most out of my training and to avoid injury. The process is straight forward and relaxed and the results of the scan are tremendously detailed. The scan pin pointed clearly areas where I apply more pressure than others enabling me to identify what I need to strengthen more. The data I have received has also allowed me to work on improving my running form. I would highly recommend the scan as it provides vital information which can help to prevent injuries.”

Amy O'Donoghue, 1500m National Silver medalist 2017 & 2018

Highly recommend FCE Scan. Finally got to the bottom of what is causing my back pain. Explained my results very clearly and put a plan in action going forward. – Rachel

Had scan done there today, fantastic place and the information from scan is 1st class, I would highly recommend this place and the staff are very helpful in answering questions. – Jonathan

I had my full scan done last Thursday. I found it very helpful and Shane was lovely and went through all results thoroughly. It is so nice to have scans explained to you properly, in a way that could be understood. I will be bringing the full report to my pain specialist in the hope that it will help me get some pain relief, after nearly 7 years of chronic back pain. I’ve always said my problem is walking and sitting, (once I take the weight off my back I’m in less pain) an MRI is good to have but it doesn’t show what your body is doing when your moving, hopefully what was found on Thursday with the full body scan can be mended and maybe I’ll be in less pain (or totally pain free) – Liz

Anyone who is thinking of getting it done please do. It is straight forward and picked up on problems I didn’t know I had. My G.P. was treating me for something else, 3 years in pain and hopefully now it’ll be sorted. I highly recommend this. – Karen

I’ve been suffering with pain for 8 years and 2 mri didn’t detect anything so I travelled from cork to get the scan and finally got results that I can go ahead with and get the treatment I need I would 100% recommend fce the professionalism is fantastic 5/5. – Deborah

Service was first class. Quality of the assessment was even better. With a background in Sport Science I’m always intrigued by these sorts of things. The assessment was very thorough and I was honestly blown away with the level of detail you receive from it. Will definitely be recommending it to people I come across. From the price, the time frame in which you can get it done and the level of feedback from it, it really is worth every cent. Definitely a product that will help practising physiotherapists and rehab specialist be more effective in diagnosing potential causes of injury. – Stephen

4 weeks ago. All I was getting was pain tablets from my doctor. Instead of trying to find the cause. I booked a scan with FCE found the problem straight away. I left with a full written report and scan results. So went back with report to doctor. I’m now getting sorted thanks to FCE. Highly recommend FCE. – Catherine

Was sceptical of this scan as i was to have an mri done on my back but must say im so happy i went here today. Id highly recommend anyone with back neck posture problems to visit FCE scan. So helpful, friendly but very professional and i felt so relaxed, finally got to the root of my problem.. This scan is the future as it scans your movement defo better than mri and instant results. Best wishes to FCE thank u im so happy. – Annmarie

I had it done by these people found it good with factual information of actual problem and recommendation of what to do where to go next stage also instant results to take with you – Billy

I got one of these scans done because an xray wasn’t showing up anything and I was still in pain for years, got the full one and showed my physio the analysis very impressed with the precision of whats wrong so he’s working on it straight away instead of it might be this or that. I’m so glad I eventually got something done and I am working on fixing it, long road but at least it’s fixable so thank you fce. – Debbie

My Mam went last Friday 20th July with an ongoing issue with her left foot. He was able to tell her straight away after looking at it. He spent a lot of time going through everything with us he was amazing. Suffering with my back with years and will hopefully in the next few weeks go and get a full body scan. – Amy

What I learned today was brill after 20 years of suffering and more recent the past year where I have been pumped with painkillers, injections and told not to sweep floors or Hoover. Everything was explained in detail and more importantly in lay persons language. Came away with a plan of action and paperwork with everything in it. Great service – Bernie

I attended FCE clinic this morning and the attention to detail I received from Shane was admirable! Their state of the art machine is extremely accurate at showing where there are issues with the patients body. The clarity of the images generated from the scan is surely unrivalled in the medical industry. Background: I have had 4 cortisone injections since 2011 in my neck and shoulder, however, the relief has only been short term. I have had two MRI scans on my neck and shoulder and unfortunately both came back inconclusive and the conclusion was that all looked normal. The machine at FCE identified the areas that are causing the left side of my back, neck and shoulders to be in constant Pain through the use of detailed images and commentary from Shane. As we discussed the findings and without me promoting, Shane knew the areas where the pain was located in the back, neck and shoulders! Shane is extremely knowledgeable and explained the most minute of details. He was invested in making sure I understood the finding before leaving the clinic. I finally have an answer after 8 years!! This is excellent value for money! BTW I had the full motion scan for €125. If anyone is reluctant to attend and are thinking “ it’s a fad” I assure you, you will not be disappointed by the top class service you will receive at the clinic. Thanks FCE – Paul

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