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FCE Scan & Sport

Our system is used by Nike’ elite athletes, Premier League, Bundesliga, Russian Premier League players and by elite sports people worldwide.

Our system reproduces three dimensional views of an athletes bio-mechanics (body movements). These can be assessed and reproduced at any stage in training or competition. They can be used to gauge performance or for comparative studies (incremental improvements). It is also a fast, effective and reliable method of locating the cause of an injury and finding injury predisposition.

Our scans create a framework for precise injury treatment thanks to our detailed analysis and reporting. In athletes who do not currently suffer from injury our scans are used as a tool for injury prevention and to improve performance.



“The benefits of FCE’s ‘Scan & Plan’ programme are very impressive. Whether you are an elite athlete, a weekend warrior or a patient of any age with some niggles or pains that just won’t go away – this is an option that you should consider. This is a very affordable non-invasive diagnostic imaging examination, carried out by very professional sports scientists that know their stuff and who spend as much time as you need to explain what needs to get done. The consultation requires minimal time on the treadmill; a number of 15 seconds intervals include standing, walking and a slight run are required to obtain findings. The majority of time will be taken up by the findings from your 1 hour consultation, you will get all the professional advice needed to put your care plan into action. In a competitive high performance environment, gaining that extra inch can make such a difference. This is a very valuable addition in injury prevention, something all athletes aspire to be, injury free.”

Kenneth Egan, Irish Olympic Silver medallist Bejing

“The FCE Scan proved to be extremely beneficial in allowing me to get the most out of my training and to avoid injury. The process is straight forward and relaxed and the results of the scan are tremendously detailed. The scan pin pointed clearly areas where I apply more pressure than others enabling me to identify what I need to strengthen more. The data I have received has also allowed me to work on improving my running form. I would highly recommend the scan as it provides vital information which can help to prevent injuries.”

Amy O'Donoghue, 1500m National Silver medalist 2017 & 2018

FCE Scan Assessment

Incorporating three methods in one system we create an overall view of the bodies bio-mechanics (how the body works). The three methods are:

1. Dynamic Spine, Pelvis and Postural analysis.
2. Video Gait analysis.
3. Dynamic Foot & Gait analysis.

Sports involve movement. Injuries generally occur during movement. But all current forms of injury assessment focus on static musculo-skeletal tests such as MRI x-ray or clinical examinations. FCE Scan assesses the musculo-skeletal system in a dynamic form.

Improving Performance

Sport performance is about consistently improving to reach your peak at the right time. It is a game of inches. FCE Scans analysis highlights areas in movement that may be effecting performance.

To hit peak performance the sports person has to focus on their fitness. Injuries are the obvious precursor to reduced fitness and therefore performance. FCE Scan will assess for strain patterns that cause injury. This allows the sports person to address them before they become a problem (injury prevention).

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