Corporate Health

FCE Scan provides a bespoke and unrivalled corporate health service to any organisation.

Our analysis is unique, accurate and beneficial to both the Employer and Employee.

We can provide both on-site and off-site packages our most popular corporate being on-site.

Health and wellness is catered for via our scanning system and app based programme.

The app is specifically reserved for our corporate clients (further details below).

We provide the following on-site;

  • Posture analysis – objective and accurate scanning of employees posture to include the spine and pelvis.
  • Safely scan the body without any radiation or magnetism.
  • Scan results create a precise reference point to compare against any postural or occupation related issues.
  • Results are explained in full and in a manner staff will understand.
  • Rehab programmes using our app based protocols providing feedback, reporting and results to HR.
  • Visual Display Units (VDU)/Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessment in accordance with Safety, Health and Welfare at Work regulations 2007.
  • Vhi and laya healthcare approved.

Off-site we can perform all our posture and motion analysis.

App for corporate.

Our App is truly groundbreaking and unique not only in Ireland but also internationally.

Our app is reserved for our corporate clients. It works in conjunction with our scanning system. The employee is scanned, providing objective and accurate results on their posture. Everyone’s posture is different and each persons posture can be improved. The scanning system automatically generates a rehab programme designed specifically for the individual employee and based upon the objective results of their scan. Upon downloading the app the employee has the rehab programme on their phone.

This is the really brilliant part. Along with containing the tailored rehab programme the app also includes reporting protocols in relation to the persons mood, activity levels, health, fitness, pain trend statistics, effort required to perform the rehab and ultimately the progress. All these results can be reported on. The reporting is of course within GDPR regulations or can be specific to each employee upon their consent. The app can also be linked to Apple Health.

A pair of iPhones displaying a corporate health app. | FCE Scan

On Site Benefits

FCE Scans on-site analysis in tandem with our app based rehab approach will improve workplace health and wellbeing. Both our scanning system and app allow us to track results and provide reporting (within GDPR parameters) to the employer.

To reduce back pain and posture is to improve overall health and well-being. Employers reap the rewards of a happy, healthy and productive work force.  A recent report noted that one half of all working Americans admitted to having back pain symptoms each year. Our work should reduce absenteeism due to back pain by providing rehab programmes for issues before they start and reducing workplace related injuries as we can objectively reference posture against any period of time thereafter.

For further information on our bespoke corporate packages please email us on [email protected]

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