What is RPM?

Our Rehabilitation & Progressive Movement (RPM) program is a cutting-edge solution for individuals who haven’t found relief through traditional therapies. It begins with your Full FCE Scan or Sports Scan (booked separately), providing precise data that acts as the foundation for your customized RPM plan.

Why Choose RPM?

  • Experience relief where you may have felt stuck before.
  • Avoid unnecessary referrals and streamline your care.
  • Embrace a contemporary, science-driven approach to pain and injury management.

The RPM Advantage

  • Four Tailored Phases: Your RPM plan guides you through carefully designed phases for optimal recovery and lasting results.

  • Evidence-Based: RPM relies on scientifically proven protocols and assessments.

  • Personalised Progression: We adapt your plan as needed, ensuring continuous improvement.

  • Movement-Focused: Understand the importance of mobility and learn to move in ways that support your long-term health.

  • Client-Centred: RPM puts you in control of your recovery journey.

Ready to Start Your RPM Journey?

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“Great service. I wish I had done it sooner. Issue in lower back, hips and hamstrings particularly on left hand side. I was convinced it was postural and movement related. This was confirmed by the FCE scan and process. Following the rehab and sitting here right now with no sensations in left leg for first time in 9 months. Delighted. Not ‘cured’ but definitely feel I am on the right path.”

Cathy O’Grady

“I couldn’t recommend this service more. I could see exactly why I was having back problems after my scan – it took the guesswork completely out of it. The Physio service provided targeted exercises specifically for my issue. They have really improved things for me and I’m only a few weeks into my program.”

Angela Horsfall
Don’t wait any longer to reclaim your pain-free movement.

Contact us to arrange your initial FCE or Sports Scan and take the first step on your personalized RPM path.