FCE Scan & Plan.

Scan and Plan is an initiative created around your physical health. It is an essential part of our service and a rehab Plan is included in every appointment.

We seek long term improvement for injury or pain.

Prior to each programme we scan you to objectively and accurately locate the areas of strain in your body. You are then prescribed an accurate and tailored rehab plan to improve your physical health. Once you follow the programme we guarantee results will be seen on our scans.

An image of a computer screen displaying a mannequin's spine undergoing a scoliosis scan. | FCE Scan

More on Scan and Plan

Scan & Plan in a nutshell is – have the Scan, objectively and accurately locate the likely causes of symptoms, then receive a care Plan to resolve them.

Every single client we see receives a care plan in their appointment as standard.

In the majority of cases we supply you with your detailed and tailored care plan on the day of your appointment. Our staff will also go through the programme with you.

We shall also send you the personalised content within 24 hours.

Kinesiophobia is the central aspect of our work.

This is essentially a fear of movement due to pain.

It results in the brain thinking that if it moves a joint in one direction that it will be painful. Therefore it moves a joint somewhere else to compensate, and so on. The area not moving eventually develops misuse syndrome and the injury returns.

This reinforces to the brain that it should not move that joint, even when the injury has healed, resulting in the cycle to repeat itself. This is why injuries and pain recur or persist.

It is also why injury or pain occurs away from the site of causation. FCE Scan seeks the root cause of biomechanical issues as we can track and trace the movements through the Spine, Pelvis, Legs and Feet.

We use the most contemporary and evidence based approach to pain and injury.

The system we use to scan has over 390 published studies behind it.

The care plans have been developed by experts at the forefront of their professions. All plans are scientifically referable.

Progress will happen when following our Scan and Plan approach. We cover everything you need in the first appointment.

We are able to provide follow up scans at any stage. As injuries or symptoms improve you may want to visualise the changes. Follow ups allow us to modify your plan according to changes seen.

The follow up analysis also checks for any other strains that may be occurring at a lesser degree than those previously found.

Follow up scans are completely optional extra, cost saving packages are available if you would like to include this service from your first appointment.

Some of our plans used to be freely available on our website.

As our Plans have grown and evolved we now send them as individualised packages to clients.

We have also added a significant amount of video tutorials. If you were prescribed a plan and can not access it just contact us and we shall email all the details you need free of charge.

FCE Scans allow you to understand what may be causing your injury or pain.

FCE Plans teach you how to improve the aches, pains and restriction of movement you have felt thus far. These can be used for life.

We advise following the prescribed plan for a period of 9 and a half weeks. Why? Because Psychology shows that a new habit takes 66 days to develop.

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