Introduction to Orthotics

Orthotics, commonly referred to as foot orthotics, are devices designed to correct foot abnormalities and malfunctions. These custom-made inserts fit inside shoes to provide support and improve the function of the foot. Orthotics can play a pivotal role in the treatment and prevention of numerous conditions affecting not just the feet, but also the ankles, knees, hips, and even the back. They are crucial in managing discomfort and enhancing mobility for many individuals.

  • The Common Challenge with Orthotics

While orthotics are widely used and recommended for various foot-related ailments, they are not without their challenges. A significant issue observed with many orthotic solutions is their potential negative impact on the spine and pelvis. This unintended consequence can sometimes exacerbate existing conditions or create new alignment issues, contrary to their purpose of providing relief and support.

  • FCE Scan’s Unique Approach to Orthotic Assessment

FCE Scan, a leader in biomechanical assessments in Ireland, has established a pioneering approach to evaluate the influence of orthotics beyond the feet. This service is unrivalled by competitors, primarily due to its holistic evaluation that encompasses the spine and pelvis, areas often overlooked by traditional orthotic assessments.

  • Services Offered by FCE Scan Include:

  • Full FCE Scan: A comprehensive scan that assesses the biomechanical function of the spine and pelvis along with the lower limbs.

  • Gait and Foot Analysis: Advanced analysis techniques are used to study how individuals walk, identifying any abnormal movements or alignments that could be corrected with orthotics.

  • Tailored Orthotic Assessment and Templating: Using the detailed data from the FCE system, orthotics are custom-designed to meet the specific needs of each individual, factoring in their usual footwear and activity level.

A person holding an orthotic insole in Dublin above a table with foot pressure distribution charts and a laptop. | FCE Scan
  • Quality Guaranteed Orthotics: FCE Scan ensures that all orthotics provided are of the highest quality, promising durability and effectiveness.

  • Economic Pricing Options: The company offers reduced rates on second and multiple pairs of orthotics, making it more affordable for clients to access top-quality products.

  • How FCE Scan Stands Out

The benefit of FCE Scan’s service is its ability to objectively measure the impact of foot orthotics on the pelvis and spine. This capability is unique in Ireland, allowing FCE Scan to stand over its products confidently. Clients can rest assured knowing that the orthotics they receive are not only tailored to their needs but also beneficial to their overall posture and spinal health.

Technology at the Forefront

FCE Scan utilises the most advanced gait analysis technology available today. This includes walking analysis tools that measure not just the movement and pressure points of the feet, but also how these relate to the entire kinetic chain, including the legs, hips, spine, and pelvis. By understanding these relationships, FCE Scan can create orthotics that support the whole body, not just the feet.


Orthotics are more than just inserts for your shoes; they are a significant component of a broader therapeutic approach to address biomechanical issues within the body. FCE Scan’s innovative technology and comprehensive service package ensure that each pair of orthotics is perfectly suited to the individual’s needs, enhancing comfort and promoting better health across the musculoskeletal system. For those seeking relief from foot-related discomfort or looking to improve overall posture and alignment, FCE Scan offers an unmatched solution that looks at the bigger picture.